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Our mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by our devotion to communicating facts. Through our various scientific illustration projects and engaging courses, we bring science to life, sparking the desire to explore and challenge the boundary of what we know.

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Scientific information is greatly enhanced by vivid illustrations to translate the concepts into visuals. Good illustrations bring your ideas beyond your peers and promote understanding of its wider relevance to non-scientist audiences and our society. 

We provide customized scientific illustration solutions to support the effective communication of science. Our illustrators with diverse specialties will be carefully selected based on the scope of your project in order to bring you the most optimal result.

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Join us as an illustrator 

We are seeking scientific illustrators from diverse backgrounds to move science forward. No matter whether you are an entry-level illustrator or an expert with extensive experience, you are all welcome to our growing team. Our employee training sessions with a broad range of topics and different levels of difficulties will bring your skill to the next level and fully prepare you for various challenges.

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Our science education courses will bring you a new learning exeprience. With vivid illustrations and clear explanations, learning science is no longer a tedious and daunting process.  Vast range of topics satisfy the need of different age group.  No matter whether your aim is winning a quiz bowl or just trying to replenish your mind with exciting findings, you can always gain something from our absorbing courses.